google-site-verification: googleeb76a68dd59e1fd1.html Bellator consider 5 round main events after Bellator 185

Bellator consider 5 round main events


Bellator consider 5 round main events

Bellator MMA cannot avoid being directly compared to competitors UFC. While the UFC achieve record breaking pay per views, other MMA promotions like Ballator are constantly chasing the UFC. At Bellator 185’s post-fight news conference on Friday, company President Scott Coker revealed that they are considering extending the Bellator main cards to five round fights.
Currently, Bellator title fights are five rounds and 25 minutes long. However main events without a title on the line are still only 15 minutes long.

Following newly signed middleweight Gegard Mousasi’s unanimous win over Alexander Shlemenko, a lively debate began as to the possible outcome if the fight continued for another two rounds. With their main competition, the UFC, opting for five round main event fights back in July 2011, competition to grow viewers is huge.

Last June fans thought another fight could have also benefited from another two rounds. When Chael Sonnen welcomed Wanderlei Silva back to the cage in New York, he defeated the Brazillian with a three-round unanimous decision.

Scott Coker’s Statement

Coker says extending the main event fights is something they are considering but expressed some hesitation on the subject.

“That’s something we’ve been really debating internally,”
“Because once we do it, we can’t go back. Right now, all the main events except for title fights are three rounds. … If this was a five-round fight, it could have ended in a different outcome.”
“We’re going to evaluate internally, we’ll talk to our guys and then we’ll talk about it. At some point, we’ll probably do it, but once we do it, we’re not going to be able to come back.”

-MMA Junkie

Coker did not specify if he had a timeline in mind for the decision. But the ongoing debate on the subject could force his hand.

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