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McGregor V Mayweather Pay-per-view figures fall short

McGregor v Mayweather record

McGregor V Mayweather Pay-per-view figures fall short

In what was long expected to be one of the most record breaking fights ever seen in the history of boxing, Conor McGregor V Floyed Mayweather figures have fallen just short of the record set by Mayweather V Pacquiao.

McGregor V Mayweather record

In a report recently released by Boxing Scene, pay-per-view figures for the giant fight are now expected to come in at  4.4 Million buys. This falls just short of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao by approximately 200,000 buys.

Piracy among streaming sites may be to blame for the lower than expected figure. Estimations suggest that approximately 100 million people illegally viewed the fight worldwide.


Earlier this month, it was announced that the fight also failed to surpass the gate record set by Mayweather V Pacquiao. With just $55, 414, 865. 79 taken at the gate for McGregor V Mayweather in comparison to the previous $72,198,500.

Critics also suspect that the drop in gate sales for the spectacle bout was as a result of the colossal ticket price. Speculation suggests this put ticket price far out of reach for most fans.


Despite this, the spectacle bout was still hugely successful for its organizers, Showtime Sports. Vice president and General Manager Stephen Espinoza spoke to MMA Junkie earlier this month about the success of the event.

“We would love to break that record, but even if we come up just short, the event was still a massive success financially and by other measurements,”

-MMA Junkie


This fight was touted as the most widely distributed pay per view event in history. Revenue aside, it is becoming evident that this fight has fast become one which will be renowned in history.

As yet, Showtime have made no official announcement of the final figures but it is expected sometime this week.