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White demolishes Mario Yamasaki


Dana White demolishes Mario Yamasaki

After last night’s UFC event, company president Dana White was unimpressed to say the least, with the performance of referee Mario Yamasaki. Taking to Twitter after the event, Dana called the referee’s display during the co-main event between Valentina Shevchenko and Priscila Cachoeira ‘disgusting’ and more or less called an end to his career in the Octagon.

“Priscilla Cachoeira, you showed so much heart and toughness in that fight. I’m honored to have you fight in the UFC.”

“Unfortunately, the ref is there to protect you and Mario DID NOT do that. This isn’t his first disgusting performance in the octagon. Another unfortunate thing is that i can’t do anything about I️t only the Brazilian commission can and i am hoping after this scary, incompetent showing he hopefully will never set foot in that Octagon again.”

“Strikes landed was 230-3.”


Shevchenko was clearly dominating Cachoeira with hundreds of unanswered blows to the head while on the ground. But Yamasaki failed to see any of the strikes as fight ending blows. With Cahoeirra in bad shape, Yamasaki allowed the action to continue. Shevchenko sunk in a choke and Cachoeira tapped out.

Not Yamasaki’s first mistake

This is not the first time Yamasaki has faced a reprieve from Dana White. Last June, Yamasaki called a questionable stop to the bout between Kevin Lee and Michael Chiesa in Oklahoma City. Lee clinched a rear naked choke on Chiesa and Yamasaki prematurely called a stop to the contest before Chiesa had tapped. Chiesa raised an appeal with the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission as a result of the stoppage. But Yamasaki claimed that Chiesa had failed to defend himself and looked to be going limp. Chiesa appeal was subsequently denied.

With this, his second blunder in the Octagon in the space of 1 year, coupled with the disgust at the situation expressed by Dana White, this will surely be damaging for the career of Yamasaki.